Pediatric neurology is one of the largest super specialty of pediatrics. History dates back to the Hippocratic description of seizures and other neurologic conditions in children. However, remarkable advances in pediatric neurology started during last decade. Pediatric neurology evolved into a specialty early in the 20th century like many other pediatric disciplines. Advances in the neurosciences, particularly in the fields of genetics, molecular biology, metabolism, immunology and nutrition have greatly advanced understanding of brain. Expertise in radiology, electrophysiology, histology and immunology have considerably improved the outcome of neurological disorders.

The latter half of 20th century saw the organization of training programs in pediatric neurology. Present day status of pediatric neurology and future development of the specialty are very promising.

Pediatric neurology services in Pakistan were developed in late eighties. First child neurology clinic was established within the Pediatric department of Mayo Hospital/ King Edward medical college, Lahore (1989) by Professor Nazir Malik and later in Children Hospital and Institute of child health, Lahore (1995). Pediatric neurology services in Karachi and Islamabad were also established more or less at the same time. In Islamabad, child neurology clinic was started within the pediatric department of Pakistan Institute of medical sciences.

Pediatric neurology has recently been established as a separate discipline with fellowship program by College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP). At present, there are three accredited departments of pediatric neurology in the country for second fellowship in Pediatric Neurology in Lahore, Multan and Karachi.

In developing countries, it is expected that demand of pediatric neurologist will increase, both in terms of clinical work and from the training point of view.


Despite the fact of limited number of pediatric neurologists in the country, these few child neurologists established a group of child neurologists under the auspices of Pakistan Pediatric Association (PPA) headed by Prof Nazir Malik being the pioneer and first president of the group in 2008. From 2009 onwards, pediatric neurology group of PPA has organized annual meetings regularly and publish Pediatric Review Journal on pediatric neurology in 2014. Both national and international faculty participate in these annual meetings regularly with workshops, hands on training programs and pediatric neurology review courses for the young neurologists and pediatricians. Currently more than forty child neurologists at national level are active members of the society along with our international faculty. Currently this society is led by Prof Shahnaz Ibrahim patronized by Prof Nazir Malik and Prof Matloob Azam. We hope the society will flourish with more and more child neurologists being its member in future.